Video Poker

One of the most popular and exciting online casino games is Video Poker. This popular casino game has dominated the online games and is played on a computerized console, which looks like a slot machine.

Video Poker is not only an exciting game, it also gives the player a chance to win and make a fortune the fast and easy way.

Video Poker is played using cards. The 52 cards are dealt after it is randomly shuffled. The play starts when the player hits the buttons to bet and deal. Some machines would accept a maximum of five coins or credits at each turn. If ever the player hits the Bet Max, the machine will automatically deduct five credits and deal the hand. After making your bet, the five cards are distributed face up on the screen. You now have the option to hold or throw any card or all of the cards. If you want to hold, hit the Hold/Cancel button which corresponds to the card that you have chosen. If you want to cancel the hold decision you can hit the same button again.

The five cards that the player gets will be matched with the pay table and from there, the player has the chance to win or lose the bet.

The basis of the payoffs is the five card poker hands ranked as follows: The Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, and Straight, Three of a Kind, Two pair, and a pair of Jacks.

After knowing how the cards rank your chances of winning is high. New players should know the mechanics well to play the game smoothly. Develop the art and skill of playing Video Poker and get ready for a great fortune and enjoyment along the way.