Interested in betting all you have in playing Keno live in casinos, but doesn’t know how to? Try playing the Keno game, a popular lottery or bingo-like game played online. It’s totally fun and exciting.

The rules of the game are very simple and easy. This online Keno game is basically played using Keno cards, unlike the games in casino where they usually use balls. There are a total of 80 Keno cards, arranged in 8 rows with 10 numbers in each row. Since it is a game of chance like lotto, one doesn’t need to analyze everything to the last detail. Players only have to guess and choose which cards they think will be drawn. In this game, players can choose and mark any cards between 1 and 20. The maximum number of cards players can choose is up to 10 cards in their preference. After all players have marked off and submitted their bets, the drawing occurs. The number cards are drawn justly at random using the “Random Number Generator” software. Each draw reveals 20 random numbers from 1 to 80. After checking all the Keno cards, the game will determine the winners. Winners will then receive additional money shown in the pay table of the game’s casino.

The online Keno game is truly fun and easy to play. With just a little luck and trust to intuitions, victory will be on anyone’s hands.