Hit the Jackpot!

There is a thing about playing slots in a casino and hearing the machine bell make a loud sound telling everybody someone hit the jackpot. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing infinite number of coins cascading down the screen as the machine plays the sound of a cash register as if someone is opening and closing it continuously. Well, you do not have to be in a casino to experience this again!

Similar to a real slots machine, Golden Eggs allows the player to place a bet of their choice, spin the reel and hope they hit the jackpot combo – three (3) golden eggs! It is like playing the real deal without the distractions of being in the actual casino.

Playing online slots games can be a good way to pass time. Imagines sitting at home at 3 in the afternoon waiting for the kids to arrive from school and there is nothing good to watch on TV. You can just go online, load up the virtual slots machine and, voila, you are transported to a happy place where you have a chance to feel like a high roller and all at the comfort of your own home.

In addition, online slots games are better than online card games. For starters, the rules are much simpler – place a bet and hit the button. No analysis or strategizing required. More often than not, you get paid with every hit of that button. It is true that it is harder to win big playing online slots game than playing online poker or blackjack but it is also true that you do not need a big bet to win. After all, winning is winning.

At the end of the day, online slots game mimics the exhilaration of sitting in a slot machine in a casino, holding your breath for a good two seconds while the reels spin and stop one by one revealing the winning combo – the three golden eggs!